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Zenith Detox

Banishes toxins from your body

This unique formula contains a blend of scientifically-backed ingredients which support your natural detox systems. This helps quickly rid your body of dangerous toxins and free-radicals, so you can feel younger and healthier than you have in years.
  • All-in-one detox solution
  • Scavenges and eliminates free-radicals – which are a main contributor to aging[1]
  • Protects your body from harmful toxins[2]
  • Supports healthy liver function [3]
  • Easy-to-take capsules

Available in 3 helpful amounts:
1 Bottle (30-Day Supply), 3 Bottles (90-Day Supply) & 6 Bottles (180-Day Supply)


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Your Purchase Helps a Child in Need

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Product Description

We designed Zenith Detox to quickly and easily clear damaging toxins from your body, so you can feel better than you have in years.

Its natural ingredients are concentrated into easy-to-take capsules

The capsules in each batch are tested at a facility certified by cGMP, and guaranteed for purity, content, and dosage.

Based on scientific research on the ingredients, and real customer experiences, here’s what you can expect when you start taking Zenith Detox:

  • More energy – Enough to last you the whole day through, without any afternoon “slumps”

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    A sharper mind – With this increased mental clarity, bouts of forgetfulness could become a thing of the past

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    Less joint aches –Your joints and muscles can feel better than they have in years.

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    Increased physical stamina –So you can keep doing the things you love, or even start playing your favorite sport again

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    A more youthful appearance – Skin so soft, and hair so vibrant, people may think you’re at least 10 years younger than you really are

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    Increased confidence –Feel safe, knowing you’ll be able to maintain your self-reliance long into old age

Fight off one of the biggest contributors to aging: free radical damage

According to the widely-accepted, and highly-cited, Free Radical Theory of Aging, free-radical damage is one of the most significant causes of aging. [4][5]

Free-radicals are destructive rogue-toxins that attack your body’s cells from the inside out, accelerating the aging process.

Damage done by free-radicals has been shown to contribute to:

  • Fatigue [6]
  • Joint and muscle aches[7]
  • Memory impairment[8]
  • Wrinkly skin [9]
    Grey hair [10]
  • Worsened eyesight [11]
  • And a weakened immune system [12]

One of the best ways to eliminate free-radicals from your body is with a natural-molecule called glutathione.

Glutathione is commonly referred to as the ‘God Molecule’. It’s your body’s primary defense against free-radicals. [13]

Your body produces glutathione naturally…

… But as you age,your body’s natural production of glutathione plummets.[14]

To combat this, it’s important to regularly supplement with glutathione, to keep your levels topped up.

Unfortunately, most forms of glutathione found in supplements are poorly absorbed…

But recently, a team of Japanese scientists finally discovered how to create a fermented form of glutathione that CAN be absorbed.[15]

It’s called Setria® Glutathione.

When a group of 54 men & women took Setria® Glutathione daily, they saw a significant increase in their glutathione levels after just 30 days. And after 6 months, their natural glutathione levels increased by an impressive 260%. [16]

Zenith Detox contains an effective dose of Setria®glutathione – along with 3 unique ingredient-blends which support your body’s natural detox systems.

Those ingredients are:

blood sugar smoothie

Setria® Glutathione

By regularly topping up your glutathione levels, you can help your liver quickly and easily flush out the ‘age-accelerating’ toxins and free-radicals that are lurking inside you. [17]

The Glutathione Boosting Blend

Zenith Detox also contains a blend of 5 ingredients designed to increase your body’s own natural production of glutathione. It contains:


This amino acid is a precursor to glutathione, enabling your body to produce more of the nutrient. [18] It also reduces free-radical damage by up to 34%.[19][20]


Not only will this amino acid significantly ramp up your glutathione levels.[21] It also strengthens your immune system, supports joint health, and can even stop your hair from going grey! [22][23][24]

3Schisandra Berry Extract

This Chinese red berry is used for preventing early aging and increasing lifespan. [25] It raises glutathione levels, protects the liver from damaging toxins, and combats stress. [26][27][28]

4Picrorhiza Root Powder

This plant grown in the mountains of Himalaya prevents glutathione depletion in both the liver and the brain. [29] It also helps to reduce liver weight, and increase liver function. [30]

5Folic Acid

This essential micronutrient supports your body’s detoxification processes, and prevents glutathione depletion. [31]

The Rapid Detox Blend

This unique blend of 7 ingredients works in tandem with glutathione, to enhance your liver’s ability to detox, as fast as possible. It contains:

1Vitamin B6

Your liver can’t detox without this vitamin. [32] Yet B6 is the MOST COMMON nutrient deficiency among American adults. [33]

2Vitamin B12

This nutrient supports detoxification and lowers levels of a dangerous prooxidant called homocysteine. [34]


This mineral is critical for enabling mitochondrial functioning which is required for your liver to detox. [35]

4Dandelion Root Extract

This age-old herb helps flush toxins from your liver and kidneys. Plus, it’s also very effective at reducing free-radical damage. [36]

5Broccoli Sprout Extract

Broccoli sprout extract contains a powerful antioxidant called glucoraphanin, which has been proven to boost excretion of toxins by an impressive 61%. [37]

6Green Tea Leaf Extract

This leaf extract is packed with heaps of polyphenols that support the body’s natural detox system, and fights off free-radicals. [38]


This amino acid is a powerful natural detoxifier, which has been proven to preserve liver function, and reduce free-radical damage by up to 35%. [39]

The Liver Support Blend

The Liver Support Blend contains 5-powerful ingredients which support and protect your liver, so it can continue doing what it does best: Flushing toxins out of your system. It contains:

1Milk Thistle Seed Extract

This herb is a superb liver protector. [40] It helps reduce liver enzymes, which are a common sign of liver damage. [41] Plus… it also contains an antioxidant called silymarin, which can help your liver to replace dead or damage cells – so it effectively repairs itself! [42]

2Choline Bitartrate

This nutrient helps keep your liver healthy by burning off fatty acid deposits. [43]

3Beet Root Extract

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that beet root extract is a powerful liver protector. [44] It boosts liver function by breaking down toxic wastes, so your liver can excrete them from your body faster. [45]

4Bupleurum Root Powder

This medicinal herb has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese as a tonic for the liver. It’s effective at healing liver damage caused by free-radicals. [45]

5Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke has been used for hundreds of years to boost natural bile secretion. [46] Bile helps break up fatty molecules which can clog up your liver.

I’ve formulated Zenith Detox into an easy-to-take capsule

Just take 3 capsules each morning, with or without food. Your body absorbs it quickly, and there’s no aftertaste. It’s that easy!

Then the ingredients go to work flushing damaging toxins out of your body, so you can feel younger, healthier, and brimming with energy.

Zenith Labs’ 6-month, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee

We’ve combined our years of medical and research experience, together with medical studies from top universities, to perfect the formula of Zenith Detox.

That’s why we’re confident that it’s going to work for you. We believe in our product so much, that we’ve got an outrageous offer for you:

Try Zenith Detox for up to 6 months.

And if you don’t feel noticeably better, younger and healthier… we’ll refund you 100%.

Even if you’ve used all your Zenith Detox.

It doesn’t matter if your bottles are EMPTY! If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you back all your money.

That’s how confident we are that Zenith Detox will work for you.

Our 6-month, Empty-Bottle, Money-Back Guarantee lets you try Zenith Detox without risking a thing.

Frequently asked questions


Toxins can enter your body through the food you eat, the air you breathe, and your everyday environment. 

When these toxins enter the body, they generate free radicals. And free-radical damage is proven to be one of the largest contributors to aging.[47][48]

Glutathione is your body’s primary defense against free radicals.[49]

And the star ingredient of Zenith Detox – Setria®Glutathione – is a highly absorbable form of glutathione, that’s effective at topping up your natural glutathione levels. [50]

What’s more…

Zenith Detox also contains 3-unique ingredient blends, designed to support & bolster your body’s natural detox system, so you can flush out the energy-sapping toxic chemicals faster, and start feeling better than you’ve felt in years.


Because everybody’s natural glutathione levels are at their lowest in the morning, I recommend taking 3 capsules each morning, with or without food.


Here’s a full list of the ingredients we’ve included inside Zenith Detox, along with their dosages.

Each serving of Zenith Detox contains:


Zenith Labs manufactures all of our supplements to the strictest standards.

The capsules in each batch are tested at a facility certified by cGMP, and the ingredients are natural and pure.

However, it’s always recommended that you consult with your personal physician before starting any new health program.


Absolutely…And here’s why:

Zenith Detox contains an effective dose of Setria® glutathione.

Glutathione is essential for your liver to detox, but as we age, our natural glutathione levels tend to plummet.

If your glutathione levels are low (as is very common) then the Setria® Glutathione within Zenith Detox can boost your body’s glutathione levels.

This was confirmed in a double blind, placebo-controlled study, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, where Setria® Glutathione was shown to almost triple participants’ natural glutathione levels. [51]

This enables your body to combat one of the main contributors of aging – free-radical damage. [52]

What’s more:

Zenith Detox also contains 3 unique ingredient-blends which support your body’s natural detox systems.

So, whether you’re a man or a woman… 45 years old… or 105 years old… or anywhere in between, you stand to benefit greatly from Zenith Detox.

And if for some reason, Zenith Detox doesn’t make you feel younger and healthier than you have in years, then remember, you’re covered by our 60 day money-back guarantee.

So, it either works wonders for you, or you don’t pay a cent.



Our ordering system benefits from state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL encryption technology. That’s the exact same technology used by the world’s biggest banks to keep your details secure.


Demand for Zenith Detox is sky high right now.

The current stock is flying off the shelves, and my team is working around the clock just to keep up. I honestly don’t know how long our current stocks will last.

So to ensure you don’t have to wait any longer to start feeling the rejuvenating effects of Zenith Detox, it’s crucial you secure your personal supply today.

I recommend selecting the option with the most bottles, as that’s where you’ll see the biggest savings.

The reason you should get started right now:

There’s no reason to suffer from the ravages of free-radicals and toxins any longer.

Tiredness… achy joints… forgetfulness… wrinkled skin… grey hair… and a weakened immune system can all result from free-radical damage.

Zenith Detox helps your body eliminate free-radicals, quickly and naturally.

So, if you’re ready to start feeling better than you have in years…

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Dr. Ryan Shelton, NMD

Dr. Ryan Shelton is a dedicated physician solidly rooted in the principles of comprehensive medicine. For the past two decades he has focused strongly on investigative and clinical research to educate physicians and patients across the country on the safest and most efficacious diagnostic and treatment methodologies in medicine.

He was the creator and developer of Whole Body Health, a multi-disciplinary family practice in Kansas City for many years and left in 2009 to become the co-founder and Chef Medical Advisor of innovative Telemedicine outreach programs to service patients around the world. During that time Dr. Shelton was hired by The University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego California as the head Physician and Pharmacist Consultant.

Dr. Shelton is currently a licensed primary care physician in the states of California, Hawaii, and Washington and continuing his career as the Wellness Director of Pacific Quest. Dr. Shelton has enhanced clinical experience with nutritional medicine and extensive clinical experience in counseling, holistic medicine, herbal medicine, and pediatric care. He is a diligent researcher and cogent author driven by the desire of propagating dialogues of health and scientific discovery. Dr Shelton received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Prior to that he received a Master’s degree in Philosophy and obtained his BA in Biochemistry from the University of Kansas.

He has become the primary researcher, formulator, and Chief Medical Officer for Zenith Labs where he created an enormous wealth of research and supplements to benefit the betterment of humanity across the world.