Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Zenith Labs we use only the purest, highest quality ingredients on the planet. Each ingredient is heavily researched, gathered from the most reliable sources and delivered in the most effective forms for supplementing your overall health program.

Yes. However, while Zenith Labs supplements can be purchased online without a prescription, you should always check with your doctor before starting any new health program.

All Zenith Labs supplements are clearly labelled and display the serving size for each supplement on the back of each bottle, under the “Supplement Facts” section of the label. Simply follow the directions on the label and if you have any further queries, consult your health care provider.

Yes! The raw ingredients in Zenith Labs supplements are combined in a facility that’s been certified for Good Manufacturing Practices, and is regularly audited by the FDA. We also regularly test for purity, and for any potential traces of microbials, pathogens, pesticides, or preservatives. And if we find any problems, we scrap the batch and start over. We believe you deserve the best, so going the extra mile is worth it to us.

Here at Zenith Labs we gather all our raw materials from reliable sources where we’ve personally visited their facility and built rock-solid relationships. All Zenith Labs products are made in the USA, Guaranteed Pure, and certified non-GMO.

Through our many years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand that individuals react differently to the same nutritional supplements. While the ingredients inside Zenith Labs products can benefit everyone who takes them, it remains a fact that results can vary. If you’re not happy with any of our supplements for any reason, simply contact us for a complete refund.

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