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Lives We've Touched

Pure Greens

Before trying Pure Greens I hardly ate greens because I am not able to stand for very long preparing them. Pure Greens is easy to prepare, a good way to get greens, and tastes good. I have more energy, less joint stiffness and my arthritis isn’t bothering me as much. I am happy to say Pure Greens was a good decision, and I would tell people to try it in my similar position.

Mary Scott, Age 74
North Carolina, USA


Before Trim 14, I felt hopeless. I was lethargic and worried about my weight. When I first heard about it, I doubted that it worked but there was sound reasoning behind its ingredients so I gave it a try.

Trim 14 has helped me control my appetite, stay away from sugar and carbs, and it gives me a positive feeling that I am doing something about my health. I’ve also had more energy and a 10 pound weight loss!

Richard, Age 52
British Columbia, Canada

Blood Sugar Premier

Before I started taking Blood Sugar Premier, I felt uncontrollably fatigued. I also have adult onset diabetes and the highs and lows that come with that, despite being a normal weight. I was looking for something to regulate my sugars without prescription pills. Since using Blood Sugar Premier, my A1C dropped by five points and my mood swings stabilized. I went from 130 to 120. Plus, it’s easy to take. Definitely try it!

Trish, Age 57
California, USA

Joint FLX

Before I discovered Joint FLX my life was good, but I was feeling helpless and unable to live an active life. I had also tried other joint products and had not seen much difference or improvement with my joint pain. However, the ingredients in Joint FLX convinced me to try it.

After trying out 1 bottle, I noticed I could move around with less joint pain. It’s an effective and affordable product—FLX really helps with joint pain relief!

Abdul Aziz, Age 63

Longevity Activator

Before I started using Longevity Activator, I was waking up with bad lethargy—even after CPAP and melatonin. I was feeling like a change was required or my usefulness would be limited. I saw a video talking about Longevity Activator and had to try it.

Soon after I took it, I felt energized in a way I never have before. After waking up, the effect is subdued, but I still feel better than I had been. My very first pill was enough to make me feel better in a stronger way than if it was just the placebo effect. Longevity Activator is worth a try!

Kirk Fraser, 63
Oregon, USA

Brain Boost

I was having a hard time remembering everything, even menial things. Since I love to play a lot of word games and do medical research, I have definitely noticed a difference. I suppose I was giving up and just accepting that this is what happens in life.

However, since I started taking Zenith Brain Boost, it seems like I am much sharper and even surprised myself with the harder word games. I have better recall and a better memory of everything. I am very appreciative of this product!

Marilyn Pittman, 74
Texas, USA

Barbarian XL

Being busy made me not fully aware of my deteriorating health but I was aware enough that I realized I needed to do something about my health issues. I didn’t have any doubts about Barbarian XL due to the excellent and believable presentation and I especially liked the reference to the gift (frankincense) of the Three Wise Men.

Since I started using Barbarian XL, I have a genuinely delighted partner. She has “exclaimed” a number of vital improvements without prompting from me. Clearly delighted she observes and feels the obvious improvement. This product has made a marked improvement to the quality of my life.

Andrew Smith - Age 66
Bohol, Philippines

Hearing X3

Prior to discovering Hearing X3, I was in great health - but had very poor hearing and detested wearing hearing aids. I hoped this product would offer me a solution to my hearing loss. I was naturally a bit skeptical about how effective it would be, but now I would tell others with a similar problem that they need to try this product! It has improved my ability to hear what I previously could not.

My hearing has improved to the extent that I can now interact with much more confidence when conversing with people. I am a sales executive and this supports me in my role daily—I’m picking up on comments I previously missed, thus ensuring greater success in my profession. Plus, I don’t need to use my hearing aids!

John Mackinlay, Age 64

Vision 20

Before using Vision 20, at 61 years of age, I felt it was time to start utilizing a healthier diet with all natural supplementation for greater health. There was no time to waste to start doing what was necessary to become healthier and feeling better.

After reading all the research, information, and some testimonials, I was convinced Vision 20 could be a great way to start my trek to better health and vision. I really had no doubts so to speak...I just needed to commit and take the needed supplements that would improve my overall health. I am a believer in God's pharmacy.

After trying Vision 20, I have experienced better overall vision and will continue to use it as a daily supplement. It has been a real eye opener. I no longer wear my glasses as much. The only time I use my glasses is for reading and sometimes not even that! I feel with time, I won’t have to use my glasses at all. I believe in Vision 20!

Edward White - Age 61
California, USA

Brain Boost

Prior to finding Zenith Brain Boost, my health was physically good, but mentally just fair. My head felt cloudy, and I was thinking slowly.

I wanted to think more clearly and remember things better. For several weeks now, my head has felt clear—no more having trouble focusing! I’ll keep up with it and I hope the feeling keeps coming back.

Diane Lynch, Age 83
California, USA

Vision 20

Before using Vision20, I couldn’t do anything without my eyeglasses. Since I started taking it, I hardly use my glasses anymore. Most importantly, I can read, sew, or do other chores much longer without them! My vision is much clearer now.

Never did I have any doubts about Vision20—I just read the ingredients in it and honestly was overwhelmed. I was fully convinced to try it. I tried several kinds of eye supplements in the past and by far, Vision20 is the BEST.

This product has made my quality of life and health much better. I will undoubtedly recommend it to my friends who have the same vision problems. It fulfilled the life and eye health I had been wishing for for a long time.

Carolina D - Age 73

Joint FLX

Before taking Joint FLX, I had stiff hands, wrists, and fingers. I was not able to garden like I wanted to. After trying it, I don’t wake up with my hand in excruciating pain and numbness. My hands and wrists are less painful and have less stiffness. I’m able to do some gardening! Try this formula—it could help you too.

Jacquelyn E. Siddon, 67
Tennessee, USA

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