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Does Raspberry Ketone For Weight Loss Work? (DOCTOR THOUGHTS!)

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By Dr. Ryan Shelton, NMD

It’s estimated that 30% of Americans are obese and 60% of Americans are overweight. That population represents a target for some companies to go after and influence. Weight loss is a physical process, but weight loss is also an emotional process. You get entangled in a web of badly wanting to lose weight — and you’ll do anything, spend any amount of money to lose weight. We’re here to tell you if one supplement, raspberry ketones, is (or isn’t) effective for weight loss.

What You Need To Know About Raspberry Ketones

Several years ago, some research that was published and then propagated by Dr. Oz on television promised that raspberry ketones were a miracle cure for weight loss. But is that really true?

What the science shows is that lipolysis (or fat breakdown) might be more susceptible because of norepinephrine (a hormone). It may also increase a hormone called adiponectin which helps with weight loss, and blood sugar regulation. Studies performed on the test tube fat cells of mice at 100 times the recommended daily dose of raspberry ketones showed that it improved lipolysis through the fat cells being more susceptible to norepinephrin. It also improved adiponectin levels which helps with weight loss and blood sugar control.

However, not a single human study has shown benefits for raspberry ketones when taken on its own. There has been one study that showed that a combination of raspberry ketone and a supplement containing ingredients like synephrin, caffeine, or ginseng, did improve weight loss. After six to eight weeks of taking that combined supplement, people saw improved weight loss by 7.8% of fat mass, compared to the placebo or the control group at 2.8%.

Taking raspberry ketones has also shown to increase adiponectin output by 7.88%. But to put things in perspective, exercise alone can increase adiponectin by 260% in just one week.

So, there is something about raspberry ketones that may be effective, but just not when it’s taken on its own. In addition, to get the amount of ketones from raspberries at an adequate dose, you would have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries — and no one’s going to eat 90 pounds of raspberries a day!

If you’re looking to take raspberry ketones, do so combined with other agents that have been shown effective through science and research to help encourage weight loss.

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By Dr. Ryan Shelton

Dr. Ryan Shelton, N.D.
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