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Why You Feel Fatigued Everyday (And How To Overcome It)

Why You Feel Fatigued Everyday (And How To Overcome It)

If you are frustrated and at your wits end in dealing with chronic or recurring fatigue, learn how to discover the contributing factors to fatigue and address them effectively. Chronic fatigue is debilitating because it also affects how you feel, and can affect your relationships with others. We know that fatigue not only drains your body of energy and pep and zep, but it can have systemic effects as well. It can cause headache, joint pain, loss of concentration. It can cause low-grade fever, abdominal pain, and immune disfunction. So, understanding what’s causing your fatigue is essential.

Possible Reasons For Fatigue

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If you’re feeling chronic fatigue, some important items or aspects of your lifestyle to address would be improving sleep, correcting any nutrient deficiencies, identifying and removing any food allergies, addressing chronic depression or anxiety, and treating chronic viral illness or yeast illness.

fatigued couple with cups of coffee on a morning

Of course, there can be pre-existing medical conditions which contribute to fatigue, such as blood sugar dysregulation and diabetes, which need to be addressed. It takes corrected nutrition deficiencies (particularly trace minerals like magnesium and zinc), essential fatty acids, improving nutrient status through a supplement called L-Carnitine and CoQ10, and some level of low intensity exercise. If you exercise too much, it’s just going to drain your energy more so activities like walking, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, are examples of great low intensity exercises to try.

Using adaptogenic herbs like Schizandra, Eleutherococcus, and Ginseng, are also great because they give you the power boost you need.

meditation in a bottle supplement by zenith labs

We’ve created a couple of supplements to help with fatigue. One supplement called Sleep Wave helps with sleep. A good night’s rest is essential to having sufficient energy levels the next day. The other supplement, Meditation in a Bottle, contains some really great adaptogenic herbs and helps with energy levels. If you have trouble with fatigue, you may want to check out these supplements and let us know how they’ve helped. We’d love to hear what’s worked for improving your energy levels!

Looking for natural ways to boost your energy? Find out which 3 adaptogens will give you all day energy here.

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