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Diet, Weight Loss & Nutrition

What's Worse Eating Processed Sugar or Trans Fat

What’s Worse Eating Processed Sugar or Trans Fat (Doctor’s Opinion)

A recent question came in online: Which is worse, trans fats or processed sugar? Now, sometimes questions posed like this, which is worse, just begs the conclusion that they’re both bad for you. But based on research, trans fats are worse than processed sugar. Let’s get into the details to understand why that is.

About trans fat

nutritional label focused on trans fatsTrans fat is an unsaturated fatty acid and a by-product of partially hydrogenated oils. It’s found in many processed foods, including margarine, coffee creamers, fast foods, frozen pizza, snack foods, and baked goods. Trans fat is also found in some peanut butter. It is frequently used by the food industry because it improves the stability of flavor and shelf life of food. It seems that the primary reason trans fats were added to the food system was due to the scrutiny of saturated fat that researchers had in the 1950s and ’60s. Considering the benefits to shelf life, flavor stability, and flexibility of food, manufacturers were gladly making the change from saturated fat to trans fat.

Medical professionals consider trans fat to be one of the most unhealthy compounds found in food today. Trans fat consumption is associated with an increase in bad cholesterol (or LDL), decrease in good cholesterol (HDL), and increased inflammation. These health risks can speed up the development of atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, increase the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cardiac-related sudden death.

scale measuring cholesterol levelIn 2015, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced its decision to eliminate trans fats from food in the United States by 2018. Even though the FDA has recognized the negative health effects of trans fats and is taking steps to remove it, trans fat is still prevalent in our food. While the American Dietetic Association recommends no more than 1% of your daily caloric intake come from trans fats, unclear nutrition labels mean a lot of trans fats are still sneaking into your diet. Anything labeled as “partially hydrogenated fat” or “zero grams of trans fat”, doesn’t mean that there’s no trans fat in the product. This is because the FDA previously allowed products to be labeled with “zero grams of trans fat” as long as the product had less than 0.5 grams of trans fat in it. Multiple servings of “zero” grams of trans fats foods can result in much more than the recommended amount.

In 2006, an analysis found that a 2% increase in trans fat intake is associated with a 23% in cardiovascular disease risk. Cutting commercial trans fat from 2.1% of daily energy intake to 1.1% could potentially prevent 72,000 cardiovascular deaths per year. A drop to 0.1% of daily average energy intake could potentially prevent 228,000 cardiovascular deaths every year in the US.

natural sources of trans fats such as salmon, avocado, olive oil and nuts on a wooden tableNow, there is a difference between processed trans fats and natural sources of trans fats. There are natural sources of trans fats that are produced by ruminant animals such as cows, sheep, and goats. The milk or dairy that they produce contain trans fats. The studies are quite clear that industrial, synthetic forms of trans fat cause an increase in risk factors of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, but the same is not true from the naturally-occurring trans fat from ruminant animals.

About processed sugar

cube of sugar half submerged in waterSome people cannot stop themselves from eating too much processed foods, in effect, eating their way into shorter lifespans caused by chronic conditions. It’s wise to be aware of both the evidence and your personal food habits and triggers for overeating junk food. The bottom line is that no amount of trans fats from industrial, synthetic forms has been deemed safe. On the other hand, you can eat sugar — as long as you do so extremely responsibly.

In the 1750s, our average intake of sugar was six to eight pounds per year. In the 1850s, that figure went up to 25 pounds per year. In the 1950s, it went up to 120 pounds per year. Currently, it sits around 130 pounds per year, which is about 40 teaspoons per day. That’s an enormous amount of sugar! Sugar is used for energy, but it’s the over consumption of processed sugar that is really detrimental to health. Estimates are that 20% of current caloric intake is from reduced empty calories of processed sugar.

three wooden spoons with various forms of processed sugars on themArtificial sweeteners such as aspartame, neotame, saccharine, sucralose, cyclamate, and alitame, have all been studied. The truth is that we do not yet know the full impact of artificial sweeteners. What we do know is that artificial sweeteners can trick the brain into thinking that you’re not eating something as sweet as it is, and so you tend to over-consume food. Researchers for Harvard University found that individuals who drink a lot of diet soda or take in a lot of artificial sweeteners may lose their taste for natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables. That’s where the problem lies — when you tend to overconsume processed sugars and artificial sweeteners with disregard to the natural sugars found in fruits in vegetables.

corn syrup in a beaker with a cob of corn in the backgroundHigh-fructose corn syrup is a blend of both glucose and fructose where both molecules are joined together, but it’s highly processed. The metabolic response by the body in reference to mostly leptin and insulin levels are negative when it comes to high-fructose corn syrup. Currently, it’s been concluded by an expert panel that high-fructose corn syrup and sucrose do not have that much difference influence on body composition and obesity. But make no mistake, high-fructose corn syrup is not blameless when it comes to adult obesity. It does cause obesity when over-consumed and is constantly correlated with increases in obesity and the development of diabetes. Sugar-sweetened beverages are associated with chronic inflammation, which can be related to increased risk for diabetes and heart disease.

Omega 3-7-9 + Krill by zenith labsProcessed sugar has been related to development of obesity, diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, migraines, ADHD, PMS symptoms, candidiasis or overgrowth of yeast in the intestines, accelerated aging, and decreased immune function. So controlling your intake of processed sugar is important for health.

The bottom line is that you should eat whole foods and healthy fats. Here at Zenith Labs, we’ve created an extremely high quality, high potent Omega 3-7-9 + Krill Oil. You can use it to help cardiovascular disease and inflammation. Let us know your comments below!

dr ryan shelton of zenith labsIf you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!

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What Happens To Your Body If You Take Apple Cider Vinegar

What Happens To Your Body If You Take Apple Cider Vinegar Daily For 30 Days?

If you think that apple cider vinegar is a new health fad, it’s not. The consumption of small amounts of vinegar has actually been in practice for hundreds of years. Perhaps you’ve been told by a self-proclaimed health guru that apple cider vinegar is a magical panacea to cure all health ailments, that is simply not true. But there are some specific health conditions for which apple cider vinegar may be beneficial. We’ll review some additional myths and we’ll review some tips and how to optimize the effects of taking apple cider vinegar.

What can apple cider vinegar help you with?

1. Metabolic syndrome

overweight woman with a tape measure around her neck grabbing her love handles

Metabolic syndrome is a serious consequence of obesity. It’s characterized by increased cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, dyslipidemia or negative changes in triglycerides and cholesterol, and glucose intolerance. There have been some studies in rats that show that consumption of apple cider vinegar may reduce risk factors for metabolic syndrome.

Another study showed that intake of a high-fat diet alters the oxidant-antioxidant balance in the body, and apple cider vinegar can be beneficial for the obesity-induced oxidative stress as a result of consuming a high-fat diet. And so, if you’re struggling with metabolic syndrome or obesity, there is research that shows that consuming apple cider vinegar may be beneficial.

2. Reduce risk of diabetes and helps weight control

person holding up a blood sugar monitor with fresh vegetables and a bowl of salad in the background

There are other studies on healthy humans that show that the consumption of vinegar, particularly on an empty stomach, may delay gastric or stomach emptying and lowers post-meal blood glucose and insulin levels. Not only does that lower your risk factors for diabetes, but the delayed gastric-emptying also helps you to feel full longer. So, you’re less likely to consume higher amounts of calories which can help you keep your weight under control.

3. Detox

close up of a woman's face with a piece of fruit in her mouth with the words detox on it

Apple cider vinegar works to detoxify your liver for better overall health and bodily function. Also, it helps to build a healthy lymphatic system that nurtures proper circulation of your lymph, and lymph is truly your body’s way of getting rid of garbage.

4. Lowers blood sugar levels

computer screen with words blood sugar levels

Drinking unfiltered apple cider vinegar can help to lower blood sugar levels by as much as 4%. By its very nature, apple cider vinegar can regulate healthy blood sugar levels in the body, which is great for individuals with type-two diabetes. Apple cider vinegar can decrease triglycerides so you reduce your risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

5. Promotes bone health

xray image of an arm doing a thumbs up

Did you know that 25% of females are diagnosed with osteoporosis every year? Apple cider vinegar can help to prevent your bones from becoming more brittle. It achieves this because it is an acid, and it is required to help breakdown minerals in the foods that you eat such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. If you’re better able to extract those minerals, you’re going to set yourself up for better bone health.

Tips for taking apple cider vinegar

jar of apple cider vinegar with fresh red apples around it on a wooden table
  1. Dilute it. Use one to two tablespoons per cup or pint of water. If you take it straight up, it’s too acidic and it can cause problems.
  2. Make sure to swish or spit with water after consumption. As apple cider vinegar is acidic, it can erode your dental health over time. So, make sure you either swish or spit with water after you consume it or drink it through a straw.
  3. Take on an empty stomach in the morning.
  4. Add it to foods. If you’re just simply not a fan of the taste of apple cider vinegar in water, it makes a tremendously delicious salad dressing. If you add it to olive oil in roughly equal amounts, you get the power of the acid in apple cider vinegar plus the benefits of the monosaturated fats in olive oil.

Busting myths on apple cider vinegar

small bowl of unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother in a yellow spoon and some fresh red apples on the side of the bowl
  • It does not alkalize the body. Your body has to maintain a very narrow pH in the blood and in every cell in the body. So, even though it’s an acid, it doesn’t necessarily alkalize the body.
  • It’s not a cure for any ailment, certainly not a cure for cancer, but there have been some studies that show that it may reduce your risk factors for both colon cancer and esophageal cancer.
  • It’s not safe for everyone. If you’re on medications, make sure you speak to your physician to make sure that you’re clear to consume apple cider vinegar. It can worsen certain health conditions such as bad acid reflux or stomach ulcers.

Dr. Ryan Shelton

If you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!




What Positive Benefit Could Drinking Lemon Water Daily Have

What Positive Benefit Could Drinking Lemon Water Daily Have (DOCTOR RESPONDS!)

Fads come and go — that is the definition of a fad. In medieval times, it was about putting leeches on your body to suck out bad blood and poisons. Recent health fads include taking placenta pills, doing oxygen injections, hot pants that women and men wear to reduce fat in certain areas, daily juicing, apple cider vinegar, e-cigarettes, and of course fad diet, upon fat diet, upon fad diet.

With so many health fads inundating the internet nowadays, it’s hard to know which to follow and which to ignore. One that has its merits according to science, is drinking lemon juice daily.

Benefits of drinking lemon water

two glasses of water with lemon slices in it

There’s no science supporting the claim that e-cigarettes are better than regular cigarettes. Nor that oxygen injections work, that placenta pills boost your immune system, or that hot pants can systematically target certain areas to help you lose weight. There’s no science showing colonics, juicing, or apple cider vinegar are helpful. However, in our research, drinking lemon water every day may have some benefit. Here are some benefits of drinking lemon water:

  1. High in vitamin C. We know that lemons are high in vitamin C, which is a boost for immune health.
  2. Detox and helps digestion. We know that taking lemon water can help with detoxification of the liver and digestive health.
  3. Anti-inflammatory. We also know that it can be anti-inflammatory, and help with inflammatory issues like joint pain. Lemons are also high in antioxidants and may in fact help with kidney stones.
  4. Hydration. Drinking water improves hydration, but some people simply don’t like the taste of water. So adding lemon into your water can help with the flavour and hydration.

There are a couple of myths about lemon water alkalizing the body — that’s just not true.

glass of water with lemon inside on a wooden board with other lemons around and a grater

Keeping homeostasis in the body means needing keep a very narrow PH in the blood and cells. So taking in lemon water does basically nothing to alkalize the body. It has no effect in treating cancer and no effect in increasing IQ levels. No study has shown that drinking lemon water improves the outcomes of a weight loss regimen either. Now, drinking water can attribute to these effects, but the addition of lemon to the water has no proportional positive effect.

Tips for drinking lemon water

Now, a couple of keys about drinking lemon water:

teacup with water inside and a wedge of lemon
  • Drink your lemon water warm.
  • It’s best to do it on an empty stomach, say first thing in the morning or before meals. It’s not as effective if you take it with a meal, or after a meal.
  • Make sure that you rinse your mouth with pure water after consuming the lemon water. Lemons are acidic and over time with chronic use they can start to break down the enamel of the teeth. So doing a simple rinse with pure water after consuming lemon water is an important step to maintaining dental health.

Do you practice drinking lemon water daily? Has it worked for you? I would love to hear your feedback and how lemon water has or has not helped you. Leave your comments below!

Dr. Ryan Shelton of zenith labs

If you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!

The #1 Master Tip to Help with Weight Loss

The #1 Master Tip to Help with Weight Loss


Want to know the number one tip to help with weight loss? It’s actually really quite simple – eat breakfast.

Master Tip to Help with Weight Loss

fried egg in an iron pan on a wooden table with broken egg shells and pieces of bread next to it

Multiple studies across the world have shown that eating breakfast, particularly a breakfast high in protein and fat that provides calories in the morning hours, can help with substantial long-term weight loss. Conversely, people who skip breakfast have been shown to be more likely to gain weight over time. And the reason for this is quite simple: If you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to eat more later in the day. You’re also more likely to have a larger dinner, which is directly associated with weight gain.

Eating calories at breakfast might seem counter-intuitive to weight loss, but studies have shown this to be effective. When you eat breakfast, it affects the hormones ghrelin and adiponectin that help you lose weight.

woman wearing a pair of oversized jeans and holding the waistband to show size

So, the number one master tip to help with weight loss is: Don’t skip breakfast. Eat breakfast every morning, and in fact, let breakfast be the largest meal of your day. You can have light lunches, and then make dinner your smallest meal of the day.



Dr Ryan SheltonThanks so much. I’ve posted several other videos. Make sure that you check them out and make sure that you like it, share with your friends and loved ones. 

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Thanks so much. I’m doctor Ryan Shelton.

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The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily

The Truth About Drinking Celery Juice Daily (Doctor’s Opinion)

So many people want to talk about the potential benefits of drinking pure celery juice every day that it’s become an internet phenomenon in the past few years. But is it for real, or is it all hyped up?

The history of celery

chopped celery stalks in a small wooden bowl next to a large bunch of celeryCelery is also known by its scientific name, “apium graveolens”. It’s in the APACA family of vegetables and plants, many of which have beneficial effects. Historically, celery has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, gout, hysteria, nervousness, headache, weight loss, and exhaustion. Celery is also used as a sedative, diuretic, urinary antiseptic, digestive aid, anti-flatulence, and as an aphrodisiac in some cultures. It helps regulate bowel movements, stimulate the production of hormones from glands, purify the blood, keep high blood pressure under control, and relieves PMS symptoms. For hundreds of years, it has been part of a delicious trifecta that is the base of so much French cuisine — celery, onions, and carrots.

The science on celery

view of the bottom of celery stalksThe most important compound of celery is called apigenin. It’s a natural flavonoid widely distributed in plants such as celery in the APACA family. Research has shown that higher intakes of apigenin can reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. Dietary or therapeutic apigenin has value as a good cellular regulator in cancer, especially cancers of the gastrointestinal tract.



celery stalks tied together with stringIn one study with mice, celery leaf extract or celery stalk extract (i.e. celery juice) reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, tri-glycerides, and improved risk factors in mice for cardiovascular disease. Another study was done on mice on a chemotherapeutic agent called doxorubicin, one of the most potent and toxic chemotherapeutic drugs commonly used in the treatment of cancer. Researchers gave all the mice doxorubicin and only gave a sub-group of mice celery juice. Incorporating celery juice with doxorubicin seemed to protect the sub-group against damage from the potent drug, likely due to increasing a powerful antioxidant called glutathione and other antioxidant effects. Some celebrities and medical mediums have called it a miracle juice.

Benefits of celery juice

a glass of green celery juice with a couple of stalks in the glass and celery leaves by the sideCelery juice helps stimulate bile production from the liver and the gallbladder so it potentially can help break down fat and help with weight loss. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is high in vitamin K so it’s good for bone health and heart health. It’s a diuretic and high in nitrates so it can help dilate blood vessels and help with high blood pressure. Celery juice also helps increase blood flow to muscles so this would benefit you if you’re an individual who works out a lot with resistant exercise. Celery seed is also purported to be an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent specifically for the urinary tract.

Celery also appears to be good for skin health. The components caffeic acid, ferulic acid, apigenin, leutenin, saponins, camprals, coumarins, and phytosterols, help to fight free radicals and help the skin to look more youthful.

Tips for making celery juice

glass of orange juice with two straws in it and celery stalks on the sideYou can make celery juice with a juicer, that’s pretty easy. You can also make it through a blender. It is recommended that you chop the celery up first so those celery strands don’t bind up the blender. After that, add a little bit of water to the blender, blend it up and then you’ll have to pour it into a muslin bag or a hemp bag and squeeze out the juice. If you want to boost your drink with more benefits, you can make a powerful juice cocktail by adding a few other ingredients such as beet, carrots, apples, and ginger.

It is recommended that you sip the juice and drink slowly. Start with only three to four ounces and work your way up. If you chug celery juice or start with quantities that are too high, it can be too much of a detox and act as a laxative. You may experience loose bowels initially anyway,  but this should only last a day or two.

Precautions for drinking celery juice

tall glass of celery juice with a bunch of celery next to it on a white surfaceCelery juice is generally safe for most people but there are some precautions to take when drinking pure celery juice.

  • It may actually prolong the activity of certain medications, like acetaminophen or Tylenol, and certain anti-depressant medications like Effexor.
  • It may also have anti-platelet activities due to some compounds in celery so if you have bleeding disorders, proceed with caution.
  • It is a diuretic so it can have anti-hypertensive effects and lower your blood pressure. If you’re on Lithium or high blood pressure medications you need to be cautious.
  • It does have bile stimulating activities so if you have no gallbladder, proceed with caution.
  • It is curiously one of the vegetables that have the highest known allergic responses. So, if you know that you’re allergic to celery please do not drink pure celery juice.bottle of pure greens superfoods supplement by zenith labs
  • If you’re prone to diarrhea, if you have IBS or irritable bowel syndrome, it may worsen those symptoms.

At Zenith Labs, we actually have a supplement called Pure Greens. It contains several foods from the APACA family. It consists of 57 superfoods that you can add to your smoothie. It tastes great and it is powerful in its anti-oxidant effects. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Dr. Ryan Shelton of zenith labsIf you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!




3 Reasons You Can't Lose Weight

3 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

Losing weight and maintaining healthy weight may be two of the most difficult health challenges that you face in your entire life. If you feel and believe that you’re making all of the correct dietary choices to lose weight and you’re still struggling losing weight, we’ll share with you three tips on how to change that.

Tip #1: Watch your meal frequency and timing, and always eat breakfast

empty plate with a fork and knife placed to make it look like a clock

You may be on a severely restricted calorie intake diet, yet you’re still struggling to lose weight. Research shows that meal frequency and timing is just as important as the amount of calories that you’re intaking every day. One study showed people who ate small, frequent meals, five meals (or more) a day were able to better maintain weight loss compared to individuals who were eating three or less meals a day with the same amount of calories.

The individuals who were eating small, frequent meals lost more weight and they were able to maintain that weight loss.

top down shot of someone having a healthy breakfast of eggs, veggie on toast, and coffee

In addition, most people miss out on the most important meal of the day — breakfast. Many studies have shown that eating a proper breakfast can actually encourage weight loss. Breakfast should be the largest meal, lunch should be in moderation, and dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. Most individuals do just the opposite — they skip breakfast, maybe eat lunch, and then just pound it on at dinnertime. If you’re guilty of this, it’s time to change up your habits and eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

Tip #2: Exercise

middle aged man exercising at the beach

At some point, you’ve probably been told that you can achieve your weight loss goals through diet alone. That’s simply not true. You have to move! Quite a few studies have shown that screen time is negatively associated with your goals to achieve weight loss and maintain that weight loss. The more you’re on your TV, computer, tablets, and phones, the less that active you are. Start limiting your screen time to the best of your ability.

elderly couple in exercise clothes walking in the park

The best kind of exercise is whatever exercise you will do on a consistent basis. It could be as simple as walking. The most important thing is that you move. The studies are pretty clear that cross-training type of exercises that combine cardiovascular training with weight resistance exercise are probably the best to promote weight loss. If you can engage in cross-training exercise, do it!

Tip #3: Make sure your hormones are in balance

female doctor holding up a sign saying hormones

The third tip is making sure that your endocrine system or your hormones are in balance. So many people have dysregulated hormones and that sets the stage for making it more difficult for you to lose weight. The old adage was that hormones decline because we age and gain weight. What research shows is that we age and gain weight because our hormones become dysregulated and imbalanced and decline over time.

For females primarily, we’re talking about estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid. For males, it’s mostly testosterone and thyroid.

Trim 14 supplement by zenith labs

We also have to consider the dramatic increase of “endocrine disruptors”. These are environmental toxins that dysregulate our hormones. Environmental toxins such as BPA, atroscine, dioxins, phthalates, perchlorates, pesticides, and heavy metals can affect your hormone levels. Getting your environmental toxic exposure under control will better regulate the hormones. If those hormones are not in balance, it will be so much more difficult for you to lose weight.

So there you have it! Three tips to help you on your weight loss journey. We’ve also developed a supplement called Trim 14 that helps to curb appetite and boost metabolism that you can use in conjunction with developing healthy habits. Let us know what has worked well for you in terms of reaching and achieving your weight loss goals, we’d love to hear from you!

Find out the three key nutrients that help your body burn fats, and a superfoods smoothie that can help you lose weight fast!

Dr. Ryan Shelton of zenith labs

If you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!

3 Longevity Superfoods to Help You Live a Longer Life

Do you want to live a longer, healthier, happier life? We’re going to reveal three food groups that are really important for promoting health, longevity, and anti-aging.

3 Superfoods For A Longer Life

1. Berries

different types of berries such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc.

All types of berries are amazing longevity superfoods, whether they be blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries etc. Those bright colors in berries are packed full of antioxidants and proanthocyanidins that can help fight the aging process. Eat at least a couple of servings of berries every single day.

2. Cruciferous vegetables

different types of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale in a wooden bowl

Also known as the brassica family of vegetables, cruciferous vegetables include Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, bok choi, broccoli, mustard greens, and kale. These are superfoods, not only to help the liver to detox from the ubiquitous environmental toxins that we’re all exposed to, but they also help to keep your DNA telomeres long and to prevent the aging process.

3. Nuts and seeds

top down shot of different nuts and seeds on a wooden table

This one may surprise you but nuts and seeds contain incredible amounts of essential fatty acids (like Omega-3 fatty acid), and are also really high in minerals. Many Americans are deficient in minerals like calcium, zinc, and magnesium, and eating at least a couple of servings of nuts or seeds each day could help you get your daily required intake. You could have walnuts, almonds or pistachios as a snack, mix flax seed in your breakfast oatmeal, or sprinkle chia seeds over yogurt.

Pure Greens supplement by zenith labs

We’ve actually created a couple of supplements to help with longevity. The first is called Pure Greens. It is a power-packed green powder that you mix with water or juice which contains super high concentrations of berries, cruciferous vegetables, and extracts from nuts and seeds. We’ve also created an anti-aging supplement called Longevity Activator, which is a daily supplement you can take to change the pathway of your DNA and genes.

If you have any questions or comments about the anti-aging process, please get in touch with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you about the techniques and tools you use to stay young, and what you do to lead a healthy, happy life.

Want more longevity tips and tricks? Check out Dr. Shelton’s Favorite Anti-Aging Tip here!

Dr. Ryan Shelton of zenith labs

If you liked this video/article, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!

The Ultimate Morning Routine For Energy and Longevity

The Ultimate Morning Routine For Energy and Longevity (Doctor Recommended!)

We all have to wake up in the morning and begin our days. Why not use morning time as a sacred time where you can set yourself you for success, intentional positivity, health, wellness, and longevity? If you’re looking for the best way to get from point A to point B, point A being sound asleep and point B being thriving, being positive, empowered, and confident, use these steps every single day to help you achieve those goals. The importance is making this a routine and being consistent with it.

Step 1: Deep breathing exercises

guy outdoors with eyes closed, smiling, and taking a deep breath The first thing you should be doing in the morning is deep breathing exercises. You may ask yourself, “Why am I engaging in quiet breathing right after I just slept quietly and breathed quietly for six, seven, eight, nine hours?” The reason behind this is intention and exercising the muscles of breath, the big diaphragm underneath the ribs, the intercostal muscles which pull the ribs apart and the scalene. Just sitting down for five minutes each and every morning exercising those breathing muscles can strengthen them, so unconsciously, when you’re not thinking about it, you’re taking deeper breaths throughout the day.

woman doing breathing exercises outdoors in a parkAlso, this is an important time to set your intention for the day. Many people do it through positive self-affirmations or mantras. You can do this quietly in your head or you can say it out loud. For some individuals, writing down affirmations give them a visual feedback so that they are encouraged throughout the day. You can set your intentions by starting your sentence with “I will achieve…”, or use the positive affirmations below.

How to do it

woman doing alternate nostril breathing exercisesTake the first five minutes of your breathing exercise to really focus on pushing your belly out, expanding the ribs, pulling the ribcage up, feeling the air go in and out of your nose. In the last five minutes of breathing exercises, set your daily intentions, and go through the mantras.

Positive affirmations you can use:

  • Today, I will choose happiness. I am enough.
  • Today I will positively impact someone else’s day.
  • I am fulfilled, and I am fearless.
  • May I be happy and healthy, creative, and may I have a sense of ease.
  • Today, I will breathe deeply and go slowly. It is enough to do my best.
  • Breathe in joy and strength. Breathe out wisdom and peace.
  • I choose to believe in abundance and that I am powerful.
  • Life is short, let’s do this.

Step 2: Drink lemon water or apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar with mother in a glass bowl with fresh red apples around itThe next thing is to have a glass of either lemon water or apple cider vinegar water. First of all, it’s very hydrating, and the lemon or apple cider vinegar can give some extra positive benefits. Having a big tall glass of water will help hydrate your system and get you going for the day.

Step 3: Move

woman sat on a yoga mat doing stretching exercises to touch her toesThe next thing to do is exercise, or rather, movement. Calling it “movement” instead of exercise removes the idea that you have to go to the gym and pound out weights or engage in cross-training, and that you have to work up a sweat. That’s not the point of morning movement. The point of morning movement is just to get blood flow going to the muscles, spine, joints, and up to the brain. You can do your exercise/morning movement outdoors surrounded by the elements. It really invigorates the system much more than staying indoors.

But if you must stay indoors, you can do something as simple as bouncing on the balls of your feet for three or five minutes, and then doing some stretches to get muscles relaxed and blood flow to the muscles. It can be that simple.

Step 4: Take probiotics and a glass of green tea

healthy foods like fruits and nuts on a white surface Green tea continues to hydrate you and it has powerful antioxidants, polyphenols like catechins and epicatechins as well as detoxifying the system. It has a little bit of caffeine so it perks up the brain a bit. Then, the probiotic just sets up the digestion for the day. At Zenith Labs, we’ve created a really high dose probiotic called T-50 which you should check out.

Step 5: Breakfast

breakfast table with a bowl of cereal topped with kiwi and bananas, fresh orange juice, hard-boiled egg, fresh kiwi and apples, and a cup of coffeeMany people do something terrible with breakfast — they skip it and ignore it. That is a poor decision because science has shown that skipping breakfast can increase your risk factors for both the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and it should be your largest meal of the day. Many people, if they’re not skipping breakfast, they’re eating a quick breakfast on the go that’s empty in calories and empty in the important macro and micronutrients that really need to get you going throughout the day and to keep you healthy and well.

Make sure that your breakfast is colourful, and have at least five different colors on your plate. Make sure it’s high in fiber and protein. This is an opportunity where you can use some of those culinary herbs and spices to not only make breakfast more delicious, but include antioxidants that help decrease inflammation and promotes health. Lastly, you should eat slowly and enjoy what you’re eating.

Step 6: Walking

elderly couple taking a walk in the woodsIf you have time after breakfast, just take a brief 5-10 minute walk. You could just walk your dog, or walk with your spouse or a friend. The walking actually improves the digestive process and, again, gets your system going for the day.

Step 7: Shower

close up of a guy's hand under a shower with water pouring downNext is a shower. Most people take a piping hot shower in the morning. This is what I recommend. Before showering in the morning, do some skin brushing to remove dry skin cells. It can be done with a loofah all over the body and is detoxifying. Then, do a contrast shower. You can start with a hot or warm shower, but end it with about 30 seconds cold. It’s been done for hundreds and hundreds of years, and is very invigorating to the body and to the brain. If that’s intimidating for you, you can start with maybe just five seconds, turn that nob to cold, and gradually build yourself up to 10, 15, eventually 30 seconds.

Step 8: Drink a glass of water

woman holding a glass of waterBefore you walk out the door, have another glass of water to hydrate the system. Morning is a great time to hydrate. You should remove all technology during this whole morning routine. No phone, no text, no computer, no TV, no technology of any kind.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

1. Poached Eggs with Spinach, Yogurt and Berries, Flaxseed Slider

Ingredients for Poached Eggs with Spinach

  • two slices of toasts topped with salad greens, avocado, and poached eggs1-2 eggs
  • Spinach
  • Water
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar
  • 1 fresh tomato
  • 1 avocado
  • Shredded cheese (optional)


  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil with about a tablespoon of white vinegar. Use a wooden spoon and spiral it so you’ve got a whirlpool in the middle.
  2. Crack your egg in a little bowl. Pour it in that whirlpool so the white of the egg stays intact.
  3. Turn off the heat, put on the lid, and depending on how hard you like your yolks, leave it to cook for about four to five minutes.
  4. While that egg is poaching, make a bed of spinach on your plate. Cut up some tomatoes and avocado and add it to your plate.
  5. Once your egg is ready, put it on top the bed of spinach.
  6. You can sprinkle it with shredded cheese of your choice.

That’s your main breakfast. As a side, have a cup of cottage cheese or plain yogurt with fresh berries, nuts, and/or seeds. Alternatively, make yourself a chia or flaxseed slider. Here’s how:

Instructions to make a chia or flaxseed slider

  1. woman about to dig into a yogurt with fresh berriesTake about a teaspoon of either chia or flaxseeds and put it in a shot glass.
  2. Fill it up with water and soak it overnight.
  3. The next morning, it becomes kind of a slick soak of chia or flaxseeds. Take it down the hatch!

It may sound a bit gross, but you’re getting a tremendous amount of essential fatty acids and minerals.

2. Pumpkin Protein Pancakes


  • guy holding a breakfast tray with a plate of healthy pumpkin protein pancakesTwo large eggs
  • ¾ cup plain yogurt
  • ½ cup of canned pumpkin
  • 2 tbsp of maple syrup OR blended berries
  • ½ tsp of vanilla extract
  • ½ cup of whole wheat flour
  • ¼ cup of soaked rolled oaks
  • 1 tsp of baking powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • ¼ tsp of pumpkin pie spice
  • A slice of ginger
  • Tiny pinch of cloves
  • 10-20 pecan halves chopped
  • 1-2 tbsp of pumpkin seeds


  1. Take the eggs and beat them in a bowl.
  2. Slowly stir in the yogurt, pumpkin, and a tablespoon of either the maple syrup or the berry smash, and the vanilla extract.
  3. In another bowl, stir together the dry ingredients: flour, oats, baking powder, salt, and pumpkin pie spice.
  4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir to combine.
  5. Coat a large, non-stick skillet with cooking spray and put over medium heat.
  6. Drop 1/3 cup of the batter in the pan for each pancake. Cook until the underside is brown and bubbles form on the top, about three minutes or so.
  7. Flip and cook about three minutes more.
  8. Top with the pecan halves and the remaining half of the maple syrup or the berry smash and the pumpkin seeds.

kefir milkThis is a colorful, protein-packed breakfast that will start your day off right! You can have the same side of cottage cheese or yogurt and berries with your main. Alternatively, try a smoothie to help boost the caloric intake of your breakfast as well as providing more colors, fiber, protein, herbs, and spices. You can use either kefir or coconut milk for the liquid, and throw in frozen berries, spinach or kale, and thicken with peanut butter or almond butter. You can also add a powder like cacao or greened powder for extra antioxidants, or a collagen powder that helps skin health and tightens fine lines and wrinkles. Simple!

dr ryan sheltonIf you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being. I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!    

Does Raspberry Ketone For Weight Loss Work? (DOCTOR THOUGHTS!)

It’s estimated that 30% of Americans are obese and 60% of Americans are overweight. That population represents a target for some companies to go after and influence. Weight loss is a physical process, but weight loss is also an emotional process. You get entangled in a web of badly wanting to lose weight — and you’ll do anything, spend any amount of money to lose weight. We’re here to tell you if one supplement, raspberry ketones, is (or isn’t) effective for weight loss.

What You Need To Know About Raspberry Ketones

Several years ago, some research that was published and then propagated by Dr. Oz on television promised that raspberry ketones were a miracle cure for weight loss. But is that really true?

a bunch of fresh raspberries on a white background

What the science shows is that lipolysis (or fat breakdown) might be more susceptible because of norepinephrine (a hormone). It may also increase a hormone called adiponectin which helps with weight loss, and blood sugar regulation. Studies performed on the test tube fat cells of mice at 100 times the recommended daily dose of raspberry ketones showed that it improved lipolysis through the fat cells being more susceptible to norepinephrin. It also improved adiponectin levels which helps with weight loss and blood sugar control.

healthy fit couple standing with the sea in the background

However, not a single human study has shown benefits for raspberry ketones when taken on its own. There has been one study that showed that a combination of raspberry ketone and a supplement containing ingredients like synephrin, caffeine, or ginseng, did improve weight loss. After six to eight weeks of taking that combined supplement, people saw improved weight loss by 7.8% of fat mass, compared to the placebo or the control group at 2.8%.

Taking raspberry ketones has also shown to increase adiponectin output by 7.88%. But to put things in perspective, exercise alone can increase adiponectin by 260% in just one week.

So, there is something about raspberry ketones that may be effective, but just not when it’s taken on its own. In addition, to get the amount of ketones from raspberries at an adequate dose, you would have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries — and no one’s going to eat 90 pounds of raspberries a day!

trim 14 supplement by zenith labs

If you’re looking to take raspberry ketones, do so combined with other agents that have been shown effective through science and research to help encourage weight loss.

We’ve created an effective weight loss supplement called Trim 14, which includes raspberry ketones and other agents that have been shown to encourage weight loss in humans. Check it out and we would love to hear what you think of it in the comments below!

Looking for ways to shed some pounds? Check out this #1 master tip to help with weight loss — it’s simple, effective, and you can start right away!

If you liked this video/article and found it useful, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere‘, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!

My Honest Thoughts On The Keto Diet

My Honest Thoughts On The Keto Diet


Now, we all know that dietary fads come and go and they have for many years. The keto diet (also known as the ketogenic diet) was actually developed almost 100 years ago in the 1920s, specifically for pediatric patients struggling with epilepsy or seizures. It was found to be remarkably effective when patients follow the diet strictly.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, high-protein, very low-carb diet. The fat to carb protein ratio is typically between 2:1 to 5:1. The caloric intake of fat is typically between 80 and 90%. Carb intake is limited to about 50 grams a day, which is a very low amount.

Fun Fact: The keto diet has been used to help conditions like diabetes, cancer, and schizophrenia.

keto foods on a table with a handbook on the keto diet next to them

The keto diet is used for weight loss. It’s used to change body composition, specifically visceral adipose fat around your belly. A ketogenic diet changes the microbes or the bacteria that grow in your gut in a positive manner that helps with weight loss and brain health. Research done on elite athletes showed that being on a ketogenic diet changed their body composition. It changes your metabolism entirely, and it also changes how your brain, heart, and muscles receive nutrients.

keto spelt out with foods and other keto foods surrounding it

But this diet needs to be short-term, because a high-fat, high-protein diet that’s very low in carbs means that you’re missing out on some important micronutrients. Original researchers knew that a diet like this, long-term, may not be sustainable. In fact, they recommended patients be on this diet for only six months up to maybe two years. There are adverse effects with long-term use of ketogenic diet such as liver problems, gall stones, and vitamin deficiencies.

Honest Thoughts & Recommendations On The Keto Diet

A keto diet can certainly be effective for specific conditions. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, change your body composition, or help other conditions, the keto diet could be helpful. But it can only be used short-term. There are some things you can do to improve the effectiveness of it:

a small piece of butter on a wooden spoon on top of a drink
  1. Add MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides into your diet. Studies have shown that adding MCT with a keto diet can help you lose weight and change your body composition. It can also help diabetic, cancer, and schizophrenic patients. It’s typically derived from coconuts. You can take MCT oil or an MCT supplement to help boost the effects of the keto or ketogenic diet.
  2. If you plan on being on a keto diet for more than six month, take a multivitamin. This will provide you some of those micronutrients and vitamins (Vitamin B, A, K, D, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium) that are typically deficient in a ketogenic diet and what your body needs to metabolize most optimally and most effectively.
a small sign with the words paleo diet on it with different paleo foods in the background

For a more sustainable option, you could consider a paleo diet. A paleo diet includes the high protein and healthy fats, but it also includes some of those carbs with a low glycemic index and that will provide you with the micronutrients that you need to sustain the diet. The paleo diet is a combination of the keto diet with the addition of some healthy, low glycemic carbs that would preclude you from needing to take extra supplements to provide you with the essential micronutrients and vitamins your body needs.

Ultimately, the keto diet has a place for specific conditions, for example with elite athletes. I think it has an important place, short-term. But something closer to a paleo diet seems to be more sustainable, long-term, without the adverse side effects that can eventually occur with a keto diet.

Looking for ways to lose weight? Here are 3 key nutrients that help your body burn fat!

Dr. Ryan Shelton

If you liked this video/article, do share it with your friends and loved ones. Subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly tips on new tools and techniques to improve your health and well-being.

I believe in the original meaning of the word doctor, ‘docere’, which means teacher. I’m here to help educate you on how to take care of yourself in ways that you may not have heard of before, but that are effective. I always want to hear your ideas and feedback so be sure to leave me comments below!

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