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Top 3 Causes of thinning hair and what to do about it

Top 3 Causes of Thinning Hair and What to Do About It

wooden hairbrush with clumps of hair

Thinning hair and hair loss are big deals. They can affect not only how you look in the mirror every day, but they can affect how you feel. They can rob you of your confidence and change your relationships. Now, if you’re struggling with thinning hair and hair loss, we’ll reveal three top contributing tips to help you reverse hair loss and get thicker, fuller hair.

Hair loss, or thinning hair, is medically-termed “alopecia”. It occurs in both males and females, although the rate is higher in males. The three tips we’re about to give you helps improve your body and health systematically, which in turns helps with hair loss issues.

The Top Three Causes Of Thinning Hair

1. Hormone Imbalance

ipad with words hormonal imbalance on the screen

First up: hormone imbalance. Specifically, an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which changes testosterone into a much more powerful form of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The problem with elevated levels of DHT or 5-alpha reductase, is that DHT causes hair follicle atrophy. It causes hair thinning and contributes to hair loss.

2. Nutrient deficiencies

different types of foods like fish, avocado, spinach and walnuts laid on a wooden table

The second cause of thinning hair is nutrient deficiencies. Some of the most common nutrient deficiencies that contribute to hair loss are iron, essential fatty acids, biotin, folic acid, vitamins B6 and 12, vitamin A, and zinc.

Fact: The average person has somewhere between 100,000 to 350,000 hair follicles.

3. Inflammation

back view of woman with neck pain holding her neck

Last but not least, inflammation is another cause of thinning hair. Specifically, something called “reactive oxygenated species”. These oxidative compounds (which can occur naturally in the body) attack hair follicles, causing hair thinning and hair loss.

How to Reduce Hair Thinning and Hair Loss?

Now that you know the top three causes of hair thinning, here’s what you can do about it:

woman brushing her healthy head of hair
  1. Make sure that your hormones are balanced and that you’re not overproducing dihydrotestosterone by an over-activated 5-alpha reductase. There are supplements that you can take to improve that.
  2. Correct any of nutrient deficiencies that you may have. Make sure that your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, or take a high-quality supplement which includes more iron, essential fatty acids, biotin, folic acid, B6, B12, vitamin A, and zinc.
  3. Control inflammation. Eat a diet that’s rich in color, fruits and vegetables, and essential fatty acids.

Using this three-step approach can have incredible effects on your hair, how you look, how you feel, and your confidence.

Dr Ryan Shelton

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